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How is that different from Buy Osrs gold

It is not as buyable as most skills, but it rates it up.Not to say you can purchase chronotes for continuous boosts to excavating and also to use your research team 24/7. And notes as they become accessible, if desired, to get the eligibility updates. As they don't give any XP if you are attempting to be the very first, you not turning into any artifacts, induce the opportunity to Runescape gold rush to the collector would be XP waste.

The Archaeology XP rates Don't change

I am aware that many of Jmods are active on this subreddit so that I fear that they're gonna hear the minority that wishes to make it exactly as with any other ability in RuneScape. Archaeology is very unique and you guys nailed it IMO. Don't destroy it the XP rates due to a few people who don't understand how MMORPGs work and you have to invest a lot of time in to it. By building a poll in-game rather than on any media platform if you are really considering changing something, at least ask.

The only thing I think I'd tweak (This is coming from an Ironmeme) is to set a"minimum" amount of resources in a cache to 5. Just feels awful have it depletes in 1 and to go to a hit to run to another to have it perform the same. I'd make them personal.

Can make hopping pointless although not making different people are loathed by me, solving two problems in one go. That would only work if they were created untradable for money.How is that different from Buy Osrs gold woodcutting because main balances would alt-flood every one of them?

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