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Just saying that counting on buy Mut 20 coins

It'll be accepted as long as folks are spending millions on mut they have no incentive to mend Madden. It will forever be the worst sports sport yearly. This is the reason we need the XFL to triumph so we can can have another 2K game. Ik everybody thinks that 2k coming back would be football video games savior, however they have devolved into Madden 20 coins a arguably worse company than ea. EA gave up on rival in basketball a few times already, what makes you think they would keep going if madden earnings dropped from competitors?

They gave up since 2K came out on top. Perhaps they figured since they had been performing Madden since 2001, they'd be better off sticking with what they'd already established. But here, they'd have nowhere to hide. Additionally, 2K does the WWE games, which McMahon obviously owns. It just makes sense for them to do an XFL2K game. Who the fuck does not want TWO football games to play? I'm sick of those MUT upgrades. Like, no one asked for a MIGO's MUT update... Envision including mumble rappers in a sports match as a characteristic and believing you are giving the gamers exactly what they asked for.

Multiple football games are fantastic, so would a college football game. You and I concur on the condition of Madden. I really don't playand won't purchase another madden game at full cost if at all.

Just saying that counting on buy Mut 20 coins EA to do anything else or to suddenly care about quality is kind of mad, NBA live had 15 years of history if they dropped it the first time. The only thing that I find somewhat shocking anymore out of EA Madden is they have not attempted to rebrand to drop the royalty costs for the Madden name.

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